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Well-Watered Garden Workshop: Weeds

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Three ways to Remove Grass to start a Garden on a Shoestring budget and avoid a Huge Mistake

Three ways to start a low/no-till garden on a lawn with a demonstration of a low-cost technique to remove the grass. I see this question asked all the time, “I want to start a garden but two loads of compost are out of my budget. One method is to pile it deep and pray the grass does not retake the area. Buying compost gets expensive when you need a minimum of 6” of compost or the weeds will come right up. As a homestead gardener keeping cost down is very important, also not having to fight weeds later.

The pile deep method is a little better when a layer of cardboard is used to cover the grass. In the south Bermuda grass will come through cardboard. Let’s tackle the wiregrass before all the work goes in the garden. You can start with a good foundation and not break the bank using the Well-Watered Garden approach. The WWG has been used all over the world as a demonstration of how to work with nature, increase production, and be good stewards of God's creation.

Step-by-step instructions on the Well-Watered Garden.

The Foundations for Farming story is very similar to the Back to Eden Gardening message. From the other side of the world, a farmer has spiritual reckoning and repents. This works in a backyard garden, an urban garden, just like it works in a community in rural Africa. Let's learn to grow food together.

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