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Our Farm Story

Before the name was a vision.

A vision of a family farm with blueberries! In 2018, we purchased our charming property from Paul & Rosalee Brown who lived here for 50 years and planted blueberries!  On our first viewing of the property, Joules jokingly said, "Hey, we can name the place PB&J FARMS for Paul, Bryan & Joules", and it stuck. Not only did it stick but we believe the name was blessed by the Lord, which I will explain later.

Next, we learn about Back to Eden Gardening which was confirmed by Foundation for Farming at a Crown Gathering. Both of these events led to Bryan leaving his nice paying corporate construction career to grow our family farm and collect 4 eggs a day. So our farm journey began and the days were long, the work was never done, and the words were often colorful between Joules and I. But one Sunday morning, Joules prayed for God to confirm we were on the right path. Please note, we have attended The Atlanta Dream Center Church for over 6 years and have walked the sidewalks countless times. However, on this Sunday morning, as we left the church, we walked down the sidewalk and etched in the concrete was PB+J right on our path! Joules stopped me in my tracks! Another confirmation from the Lord. Now, I collect over 4 dozen eggs a day, we have chickens, goats, honey bees and a worm farm!


Our journey still continues and the days are still long, and the work is never done, but we have learned to find JOY in the work. As Joules often says, we work hard but we laugh louder!


We would love for you to join us on our joyful journey by supporting your local farmer!

We host a bunch of fun activities that take place throughout the year. Check out our events calendar and come visit us with your family for a day of fun at PB&J FARMS.



PB&J FARMS exist to declare the glory of God, love our neighbors, be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth.


To grow...

To grow high-quality nutrient-dense food, to grow our community through building relationships, to grow in wisdom & knowledge, to grow in health & well-being, to grow future farmers, and above all grow the Kingdom of God!

  • Excellence

  • Integrity

  • Health & Well Being

  • Stewardship

No-Till Gardening

Chip Covered Beds

Crop Rotation

No herbicides, No insecticides, No chemical fertilizers



Lithia Springs, Georgia 301224


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